NOTE: It is preferable to send the template with an extra personalized email, you can add more information or delete some of them. In this way we can provide the client "what customer wants to hear" and not giving more details that can make the customer a angrier. 



Dear NAME, hope you understand the situation we are passing too at this point. We are trying our best in YOUR order specially. As well your order its almost right to you. You can't see the updates at time due 2020 situation, we are having some delays. Our worker and your countries customs workers have to be 1-2 meter between to be safe and avoid any contagion.

Deeply sorry for the delay, we will call our distributor to push the order as soon as possible

Please, more than nothing, try to understand us and the situation at this time. Personally, I will help you with your order, I really understand the frustration you may be going through.

My apologies,