NOTE:  Once the dispute is generated and the return shipping label is sent, it must be returned within 4 days or it will be closed.

NOTE: That is what we say to our customers BUT we can give them the 4 days + 3 days (grace period). We do not mention it because we need the items to be returned in time and form. So, in the case client sent the items time-out of the 4 days there is no problem, we have 3 days more for the customer to return the order.

(If the client exceeds the 4 days + 3 days (grace period) we could not make anything status needs to be marked as "Never returned" On monday.com) 

NOTE: When can I refund or exchange the order after client sent the order? Every return shipping label have a tracking number. Once cliente sent the ticket it should be traceable, when the client sent the items. You can proceed to make a refund or exchange. 




Get the Free Return Shipping Label (Print it): ( ReturnShippingLabelURL ) 

Shipping Company: ( CompanyName )

Return Label Corresponding item(s): ( SpecifyItems ) 

Return Tracking Number: ( TrackingNumber ) 

Go to the designated return point and show them the return label to complete the Free Return process. Check local return points: ( ShippingCompanyURL )

Return the items before 4 days or it will be cancelled by the post office, once we receive the ticket & the item(s), we will proceed to make the changes.

Reply to this email when the process has been completed by providing the post office return ticket.