Templates used in this page: 

Client asks to return an item 

- Return Shipping Label 


(Return items)

NOTE: All the disputes needs to be added into Monday.com platform at the "Disputes" section. 


1) What is the deadline to apply for a return?
You must apply within 15 days of receiving the item(s). To return items, you must keep them in perfect condition, without using or removing the labels and the original packaging.

2) Who pays for the shipping costs when making the return?
If you are returning multiple items from the same seller, please return them together to enjoy Free Return on all items. If you return the goods one by one, you may need to pay an additional shipping fee.

Need to return 2 or more items of the same seller? Here is the steps: Return 2 or more items of the same seller

3) How long does it take to be refunded in full?
A full refund will be given once we have received your package and confirmed that the conditions for reimbursement have been met. The sooner client return the item(s), the sooner you will get your refund!

4) How do you deliver/deposit the refund?
Your refund will be returned using the same method used for the original payment of the purchase.

5) How can I make an exchange instead of a return in Aliexpress?
We're sorry, but item exchanges are not currently supported. However, you may place a new order before or after receiving a refund, since the return order and the new order are independent processes. (Aliexpress)

NOEVOM do offer exchanges: 

Client return the item and asks for an exchange:

After the order has been edited and ready to be shipped again, you will have to fill it in monday.com column as "Item(s) Needs to be Sent" and that's it. 


6) Once the dispute is generated and the return shipping label is sent, it must be returned within 4 days or it will be closed.

NOTE: That is what we say to our customers BUT we can give them the 4 days + 3 days (grace period) We do not mention it because we need the items to be returned in time and form. So in the case client sent the items time-out of the 4 days there is no problem, we have 3 days more to the customer return the order.

(If the client exceeds the 4 days + 3 days (grace period) we could not make anything status needs to be marked as "Never returned")

7) If the client does not return it within that period, nothing can be done.
For this type of dispute, Return goods needs to be selected. In Aliexpress order page (Dispute).



① When a client sends an email it needs to be answered with this template and proceed to make the steps below (If client exceeds the 15 days of return we can not do anything). We would not be able to open a dispute in Aliexpress.

Template: Client asks to return an item 



Then... open a dispute!

How to open a dispute to generate a Shipping Label?

On the Aliexpress order page click in ¨Open Dispute¨




After opening a dispute it should take 48 hours to generate the shipping label. 

Fill all the client / DIspute / Conversation / Order information in Monday.com 

Obviously it is necessary to annotate all the open disputes to check it after 48 hours and send it to the client. (It will be annotated in the section "Schedule 48 Hours")

Annotate each dispute in monday.com: 

All the open disputes needs to be checked after 48 hours, if the return shipping label does not update after the 48 hours, contact the seller and ask about it by mentioning your order number of Aliexpress. 


After 48 Hours...

② How to Download the return shipping Label correctly? 

Example order page: 



To get the free return shipping label, needs to wait about a minute and refresh the page. ( In the waiting minute we recommend to make other activities for not losing time ) Then refresh the page and it should generate the information:

- Return shipping Label 

- Tracking Number 

- Shipping Company

- Shipping Company URL


After having all the information, a new template is needed to send it to our client: 

Free Return shipping Label Template: Return Shipping Label template needs to be for sent to the client. (The return time needs to start counting after sending the return shipping label).

In that template is needed to fill all the spaces and send it to the client. 



③ After the client complete the return, how can i know client return the item(s)?

A) The return tracking number needs to appear as delivered or sent you can check it when client sends the ticket photo.  (We specify it in the Return Shipping Label template) Then a refund or exchange can be done.

In Monday.com if client sent the items please place "Items Sent" if client exceed the return time please choose "Never returned".



After that,

when client return the items and in the tracking appears as sent or delivered, we can proceed to make a refund or a exchange, depending in what does the client want. 

IF client asks for a refund: Refund the client via shopify.

In monday.com it needs to appear like this: 


IF client asks for an exchange:  Proceed to edit the order in Shopify with the characteristics client wants after the order has been edited and ready to be shipped again, you will have to fill it in monday.com column as "Item(s) Needs to be Sent" and that's it. 



④ Finally still checking if Aliexpress have proceed with the refund and fill the last section in Monday.com



Extra clarifications for returns: 

Need to return 2 or more items of the same seller? Here is the steps: Return 2 or more items of the same seller


Client wants to return an order who contains items of different suppliers?

When there are products of DIFFERENT SELLERS/SUPPLIERS that needs to be returned, the return shipping label tracking number would be different since are different sellers/suppliers. In this way we will have to specify the customer which label goes with each product. 

Get the shipping label of each item, of different supplier and specify it in the email: 

Example email: 

MISSZQ Supplier: LUCKY Hoodie


Like the example If they are different, you have to specify which label goes with each product, let the customer know.





There is one item that needs use different steps (SWEET Hoodie)