Order appears as delivered but client says he have not received the order 

Sometimes the client address is not correct and the delivery has not been successfully but in the tracking appears as delivered due an error, other cases could be that the item has been received by someone else or the customer was not at his house but the post office marked it as delivered.


Here's a serie of steps to follow when this case is presented: 

  1. Search the tracking number and track it in ( Cainiao, 17Track and YunExpress ) obtain as much important information as possible for a conclusion about the problem. 
  2. Then, track it in the post office of the client location. (USPS, LaPoste, Australian Post etc.)
  • If the tracking does not work in the post office, contact the distributor and ask him about the tracking number of the post office. 
  • Example: "9948623432634 client@gmail.com Dear, please provide us the post office tracking number since we are not able to track it with the one is provided in the aliexpress order page, thank you!"


  • 3. Once the order can be trackable in the post office, proceed to send the customer all the post office details: Post office tracking link, screenshots, post office email address support team, post office phone number, post office support url and any information that could help our customer contact the post office to receive the package in this case. Check the post offices here


If client could be able to receive the item, you can conclude with the case successfully. 


If not, then contact the supplier and let him know the problem and ask him for help about the item. 

Example: “ Aliexpress Order No. 928373732292 client@gmail,com Dear, this order appears as delivered but my client have no receive it yet, please provide us the information about this order, we already let our client know the post office contact information, he may be in contact with them soon. Could you please let us know what happened with this package and why the status appear as delivered but my client says he have not received it? Thank you! We deeply appreciate your help"

Can send what the customer send to our support team to the supplier, in this way supplier would understand what the client is trying to say. 

We would need supplier to contact the Aliexpress support team and receive a refund of the order.