Client Still asking for his order



1) Slow Fulfillment Template URL (FIRST)

2) Slow Fulfillment Template URL (SECOND) 


Creativity and skills comes in here, there is no fixed template for this.

The same process is done, now WITHOUT sending the "TRACKING" template. All possible information and possible updates needs to be sent to our client.

Ask the supplier to give you detailed updates on your order and to push the order. 

  • Let the client know the post office tracking page (USPS, LaPoste, Australian Post etc.)  Post Offices here 
  • You can provide the client the contact number of the post office if seems to be really mad. 

A personalized email is written to the client according to how the client looks. There is 2 templates that can be used when client is asking for his order but it needs to be filled with additional information since for this kind of cases it is necessary to use you own way to help the client. 

Here's the templates, we recommend to use first 1 template and if the clients response back again you can use the second template 2. 

1) Slow Fulfillment Template URL (FIRST)

2) Slow Fulfillment Template URL (SECOND) 


You can use ways to express yourself (It seems, it looks) or (Because)
Example: It seems that you are really worried about your order, I am here to help you with it, because we want you to be aware of what is going on with your order.
Always treat the client as if he is always right, never fight with him.

In the event that the information that the client requests cannot be sent, an attempt is made to send him other information in relation to that which may help him.


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