Client asks for the tracking:



NOTE: It is not necessary to send the "Tracking Template" if client do not seems mad to have extra explanations. Can be provided a simple message as "Dear Name, you can check the status of your order here. (In the "here" you can include the URL).

A little more information can be added:

  • ScreenShots (status)
  • A friendly message, example: "If you need anything else please let me know, I love to help" 
  • Tracking Number 
  • A friendly updated about his order 
  • Ask supplier to push the order


IF client seems to be a bit more desperate and seems to need more explanations: 

We will use 1 of these 2 templates. 

- Tracking Template (1 tracking number) 

- Tracking Template (2 tracking numbers or more) 

First review the information the client provided with shopify and then to aliexpress. 

Go to Aliexpress order page 

Contact the supplier

The supplier needs to be contacted to push the order and, if necessary, to give you updates on the order, how?

Example the provider is sent this: (ORDER NUMBER) (CUSTOMER EMAIL) (CONTENT Requesting to push the order and updates)


((  Example text: 8124739616324613 cutomer@gmail.com Dear, please push this order and let us know any update about it. Our client is asking for the package and it may be delayed.  ))


Then on the AliExpress page, get the tracking number.

Once you have the order tracking number

You go to the tracking pages: CAINIAO, 17 TRACK, YUNEXPRESS and the country's post office.


(Tracking numbers starting with ¨Y¨ example YTDBB342563432 are usually tracked on YUNEXPRESS or 17 TRACK, not on cainiao.

Select all the valuable information (the more information is provided to the client, the better) (Include screenshots of tracking) then send it to the client using the

Tracking Template (1 tracking number) 


Tracking Template (2 tracking numbers or more) 


Example about tracking screenshots: URL 

Additional text is need to be included according to what you want to express to the client 



Note: Extra customer care information/template external blogs: