2 or more items for return of the same seller. 

When this case is presented when a client asks for a return of 2 or more item of the same seller. 

Note: You may only apply "free" return once per order. To return multiple items from one order via "free" return, please package and return them together. Click here for more information.

Here is an example: 


Here are 2 or more items of the same seller/supplier (GONTHWID), in this case the dispute of both items needs to be opened. The instructions to open a dispute for are return are explained at Return Instructions

Once, all the items dispute has been opened and the return shipping label is available in 1 of the 2 items, since AliExpress Only provide 1 return shipping label per order, it's time to make something different. 



Sometimes the 2nd item dispute page appears as the 1st item dispute page with this reminder when clicking on "Get a Free Return Tracking Number" on the 2nd item dispute page: (click submit)


 On the second dispute page item...


Finally submit the tracking details and proceed to make the next steps for a return, provide the shipping label to the client.